Adventures in Cooking, Part I

Okay, so anyone who knows me also knows I absolutely LOVE to cook.  Though I also adore nights where someone else cooks something tasty for me, I enjoy knowing exactly what is going into my mouth and -why- it’s so gosh darn delicious…or gross, depending…

The sparingly existing leftovers from Thai Quinoa Salad dinner night

Anyway, I made Thai Quinoa Salad for dinner tonight and it was met with firm approval.  (Shanelle!  I got your boy to eat VEGGIES!)  The modifications I made to it were:

  • Double the peanut butter.  I used 2 hour old fresh-ground sugar free peanut butter from WinCo
  • Double the honey.  Since my peanut butter didn’t have any sweetener, this is a necessity since I also doubled the PB
  • Rice Vinegar in lieu of Red Wine Vinegar.  It sounded more Asian.  Don’t judge me.
  • Mix of red & white quinoa.  Mainly because of looks and it was already mixed in my pantry.
  • Add 1 6oz chicken breast, grilled naked and chopped

It was delicious.  The only things I’m going to do for next time are omit the red onion completely (the flavor was nice, but far too overpowering for the dish), and sprinkle it with sesame seeds instead of crushed peanuts.  If I do opt for additional onion flavor, I’ll either double the green onion or use a sweet onion instead.

Now onto *MY* recipe…

Dinner was hours ago, but as I sat staring blankly into my kitchen, I realized I had a little over half a head of cabbage in my fridge and no desire to see it go to waste.  Scouring my brain for gluten-free culinary ideas of how to use the remainder of the leafy delight which contains oxalate levels too high for my bunnies, an ingenius idea sprung to mind:

Di’s Delicious Eggrolls!


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