Hydration for the Hydrophobic


I hate drinking water.  In fact, the only way I can get myself to drink water semi-willingly is either 1) When I’m already severely dehydrated and my mouth feels like the Sahara, 2) It’s served to me at a restaurant, or 3) It’s ice-cold and borderline frozen, full of ice.

The crappy part of this is that I work in a restaurant, so the notion of ‘restaurant water’ doesn’t work since none of my co-workers are going to serve me water.  I don’t know why ‘restaurant water’ is actually any better than any other ice water, but for some reason it’s more satisfying when I’m on my rump in a booth and it arrives before me with a paper wrapped straw.  My only options at work are to either force it, or let ice melt in a cup and hope I remember about it before it gets too warm or one of the managers throws the cup away.

As a result, I’m forced to find another way to ensure I’m hydrating myself despite the fact I pretty much hate water.  I perused the All-Knowing Google for ways to hydrate the body with water and ways to get people to drink more water and the resounding consensus was to flavor it.  The question then was, “How?”

Most sites I visited shared a few key ingredients that have a good detox reputation:

  • Lime
  • Cucumber
  • Mint
  • Lemon

I started my experiment with a trip to WinCo.  Though *almost* unrelated, I got the stuff to make the Special Sweets Blend by my personal friend, Tamara from The Perplexing Palate Blog.  I also picked up a few of lemons, limes, a cucumber, and a bunch of mint specifically for this experiment, the ingredients for Tamara’s Thai Quinoa Salad, and a lot of other fresh ingredients for meals this week.  (And leafy greens for my bunnies!)  Once I got home, the project began.

I set up a bunch of glasses and in each I placed:

  1. Cup 1: 3 Lemon slices, 3 Lime slices, 2 Mint leaves, 3 Cucumber slices
  2. Cup 2: 3 Lemon slices, 2 Mint leaves, 3 Cucumber slices
  3. Cup 3: 3 Lime slices, 2 Mint leaves, 3 Cucumber slices
  4. Cup 4: 3 Mint leaves, 3 Cucumber slices

I then poured icy cold water over the top of everything in each glass and waited 15 minutes.  Here’s the consensus:

  1. Cup 1: Tasted OK, but had a bitter aftertaste.  No.
  2. Cup 2: Too bitter.  No.  I’m pretty sure it’s the lemon/lemon peel to blame
  3. Cup 3: Tasted great.  This is my winner!
  4. Cup 4: Good!  I -like- this one, but it didn’t have as much flavor as Cup 3, and flavor is pretty important.

As a result, Cup 3 is the winner.  You should try it.


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