Progress Update…

Goal Reminder:

  • 1.5 mile run in 14:52 or less

  • Abdominal Circumference of 31.5 inches or less

  • 38 or more push ups in 1 minute

  • 47 sit ups in one minute

As of 1/22/14:

  • 2.5 mile walk in 49 minutes  <– This wasn’t meant to be a challenge.  I went on a walk because, well, I felt like going on a walk.  However, that puts me at a casual 19.6 minute mile without any effort.  I walk at around 3mph.  My typical jog is around 6.2mph.

My goal requires a constant minimum of 6.67mph.  THIS IS DOABLE!  I just have to work up to it.  Oh, and I need new running shoes because my Reebok’s are pretty dead.

  • AC (At the widest point, which isn’t really my waist due to how I carry my weight): 44″  < —  12.5″ to go.  Right now I literally have no core strength or abdominal wall, so there is no muscle holding things in, so to speak.  I just have to trust and remind myself that this number will come down as I make progress in other areas.  As a side note, my actual waist circumference is 39″, which still means I have 7.5″ of room for improvement.
  • 38 Push ups (in 1 minute or less): 10  < — I wasn’t really trying to do a max.  I was challenged to do 10 today, so I did.  And I know it was well under a minute, so at least I KNOW I can do these 10 as of right now and I will note that these were proper, full push ups from the plank position, not from the knees.  28 to go.  I’m actually going to do a 30 Day Push Up Challenge that will supposedly have me doing 40 by day 30.  We shall see!
  • 47 Sit Ups (in 1 minute or less): 20 < —  I did these in about 30 seconds and didn’t feel crap when I was done.  I use a bench so I can lock my feet to the base and force my core to engage.  I’m pretty sure my legs weren’t doing any of the work since I kept my arms to the side and was making a conscious effort not to engage them.  This was also a challenge presented to me.  I’m sure I could have done a lot more by the end of 1 minute.  But…  27 to go.  By the end of the 30 Day Push Up Challenge, I get the feeling this will be pretty easy too.

Upon reading a few articles about improving the strength of the abdominal wall, I’m discovering that what I’m experiencing is completely normal, and I really shouldn’t expect to physically -feel- them engage during activity until 3 to 4 months of regular use.  It has something to do with the fact that right now my abdominal wall is very, very thin, and the body needs to systematically “reactivate” them over time because the tissue there isn’t enough to be effectively useful.  Until that “magical” moment when my body acknowledges what I’m trying to do, other core muscle groups, including the diaphram, will work together to compensate for them.


A question for those of you out there who have lost a significant amount of weight:

What happens to your belly button? Does it pretty much stay the same?  I have a deep belly button, but even when I was younger and smaller, I still remember it as being how it is now, just more visible.  Will the skin and tissues around it also shrink, or will it just be pulled in tighter as the belly shrinks, but keep it’s current properties?


Weight: 203  Bust: 38″  Waist: 39″  Hips: 48″  Upper Arm Circumference: 14″  Thigh Circumference: 23″


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