A Little Bit of Fashion…

Anyone who knows me– as in, -really- knows me and has seen my wardrobe can tell you that fashion is far from a priority or forté of mine.  I am one of those women content to lounge about the house in sweats or yoga pants, and a camisole top with a built in bra and call it being dressed.  That being said, when it comes to my shoes and accessories, the notion of comfort is still the most important factor, followed by whether or not it coordinates with what I’m already wearing.

While perusing Facebook the other day, I came across a post advertising a weekly giveaway for boots designed to feel as though the wearer is barefoot.  Intrigued, I had to check out its page, which eventually linked me to their primary website, Gipsy Dharma.  I’m not normally one to swoon over shoes, but these boots are downright beautiful.  A bit on the pricier side of things (The average pair is just over $260 USD), I get the feeling from the images and the reviews that the boots are built with quality as the priority, so to me that makes them worth it.  Being that I’m an owner of Ugg’s already, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

The boots are fashioned from very soft leather sourced from renewable and sustainable resources.  That means the leather comes from animals not specifically killed for their hides, and that the company as a whole is very eco-conscious, which I highly approve of. The rubber soles are thin, made specifically to bend freely with the natural motions of your foot, and according to the site, the construction of the boots is intended to eventually form perfectly to the wearer’s individual feet.  What sells me about them too is their design.

I have big calves.  My main problem when buying boots is that normal manufacturers do not take calf size into consideration as the shoe size itself increases, so my cheerleader calves have always prevented me from having cool boots.  The Gipsy Dharma boots design utilizes panels with leather cord in order to accommodate larger (or slimmer) legs!  This means these are a feasible option for me!  The designer also thought ahead by installing a zipper in the boots so that once you have that perfect adjustment and fit with the panels and leather cords, you don’t have to mess with them again.  Instead, you just zip in and out of them for hassle-free awesomeness every time!

I seriously want a pair of these, but I’ve got a few roadblocks presently ahead of me preventing me from purchasing them.  1, I can’t afford $260 + shipping right now, and 2, I haven’t a clue what color or design I’d get!  I guess until I can rustle up some funds, I’ll have to try my luck at the weekly giveaways and cross my fingers!

I think I’d really like the darker tan-colored Nubuck, or the red leather ones.  Something about that red screams “MUST HAVE THE PRECIOUSSSSSS!” inside my head.

Definitely check out their page and Like them on Facebook.  Hell, if you have a minute, enter for yourself!!!!!


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